Friday, October 9, 2009

on your birthday.

cuppycakes yg awk bg utk pjuk sy:)
(sorry xde pic cake len sy ade)

hasil nukilan saye ye:)

The things we feel the deepest
Are the hardest things to say
But dear friend you must know
How much I love you anyway
And now that it's your 20th
I'm hoping you'll know too
How much I'm wishing happiness
With all my heart for you.


sorry dear,nothing special that i was created on your meaningful day

it's because of many factors(u know kan)

sorry dear,i'm not being da special one to mke u supprised on your wonderful day

sorry dear,i can't give u a great present to make u happy

sorry dear,i can't doing a memorable moments as u hope


jauh di sdut hati ini saya sentiase mendoakan

♥kebahagiaan awak bersama fmily&rakan2.
♥menjadi khalifah yg bertaqwa di muka bumi ini
♥mati dan hidup di dalam iman&islam.
♥menjadi muslimin yg soleh.
♥forever being a guidance of me:)
♥anak yg terbaik utk kedua ibubapa awak.
♥keep our relationship well:)

just a simple present from me
(xmmpu lg nk blikan honda civic yg awk suke hee:)
i really dunno either u like or not
but,hopefully i wnt u feel happy
when receive it.
dun think bout da price of this present
the most important is the worth of appriciated.

take care!!

norhazreen rosli,with all my love.


Anonymous said...

hadiah haku mane?????8 bulan lepas da bufday haku..haha

azreen said...

haha.asl xckp mase bday ko tu
ak mane igt bday sume owg ngee:)

Anonymous said...

sweet2 ^_^

azreen said...

erm xde r kak.xtaw nak tulis ape pun huhu:)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

im following u ^_^
btw..x pi lawat die ke kt spital??

azreen said...

thnx kak:)
hope u'll enjoy reading my blog
em pgi,tp class packed r
pg time pas kelas kot kak
dlm kul 3
pas dye operation kot
huhu.sume tny npe xg

Anonymous said...

kirenye pegi la
jmpe la parents die slm kaannn.. ;p
manyak tnye lak kan. haha
akk plak yg gedik telebey!

Eigmazae said...

bca blog aku tanpa izin.. bertuahnya budak!!!